Attended 1st FSA’s Maker Party !

Hai !
Sharing my Experience after attending 1st Maker Party in Warangal region and learn about the Webmaker tools like Thimble,Popcorn and Hackasaurus.

Event Link :
Reps Portal Link :
Etherpad Link :

Thanks to Warangal Mozilla club for organising such a useful party !
Hema Bhanu & Ajay Kumar Jogawath handled the sessions on ,

1) Introduction

2) Attendees intro

3)FSA Program


5)Webmaker Presentation-Overview

6)Demo1 Thimble

7)Demo2 Popcorn

8)Demo3 X-ray Goggles

9) Video Tutorials and themes

10) Time to hack

11) Best make will be given goodies

12) Kidzilla by Nikhil patel

13) Webmaker School Club

14) Queries Session

 1962682_615016655257392_372247652_n                                          1972543_615016708590720_1773170807_n

Great to see Nikhil patel...

Really good to know that there was a session on KidZilla and Webmaker School Clubs. Good to see others taking up the initiative.
Please do feel free to reach out to us if there’s anything you would need regarding KidZilla or initiating Webmaker School Clubs.
Hope you all had a wonderful Makerparty….

Finally , Created an Web Page using Thimble,
by me !

Went-out ! With alot of useful stuffs ! Ready to Share in our BIES-MOZILLA CLUB !
Thanking you !

P Bala Subramaniyan
New Born FSA & Club Lead @ BIES MOZILLA CLUB

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