Grand Alliance With Mozilla @BIES !

After becoming a Mozillian it was for the first time when I got an opportunity to take such a grand launching event of Mozilla club in our campus..The Function started at around 11AM..We are thankful to our Chairman of Balaji Group of Institution, for believing in me & my team  for giving such a blasting  opportunity ever….Image


( L to R : Shekar sir, Asish sir , Anjaneyulu( BIES Principal), Hema Bhanu( Moz India Rep),Chairman Rajendra Prasad reddy , Hariharan(BITS Principal) & Ajay Kumar Jogawath (App Developer @mozilla) )

Starring cheif Guest & Invitees of the function :

  • Chairman of Balaji Group Of Institution ( Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad Reddy )
  • Warangal Mozillans (Ajay Kumar Jogawath, Hema Bhanu, Kodakandla Bhargav Gupta, Hemanth Vidyamari & Few FSA from Local colleges )
  • BIES Principal (Dr.S.Anjaneyulu)
  • BITS Principal( Dr. HariHaran)
  • HOD’s( Various Departments)
  • Event Co-ordinators( Ashish Ladda Sir & Y.Shekar Sir)
  • Student Lead & Co-ordiantors ( Bala Subramaniyan, Sandeep,Vijay & Venkat)

As usual, everyone delivered there Inspiring speech towards the club & Innovation steps in future ! Thank You Everyone ! For blessed & praising words !

Talkative sessions were conducted on following topics :

  • Mozilla Mission
  • Mozilla Projects
  • Firefox Student Ambassador Program
  • About : club
  • How to contribute towards Open Source
  • Support Mozilla (SuMo)
  • WoMoz

Firefox Student Ambassador Program @hema :


she began the most awaited session for new mozillans i.e Firefox Student Ambassador and Mozilla Reps . Many students were interested in joining Mozilla as FSA…Have given brief & Clear explaination by Hema ji !

WoMoz @hema :


Later ! Women in Mozilla! The crowd cheered when Hema told them what WoMoz stands for. It was really nice to see all the girls get really enthusiastic!She asked them many questions like why aren’t women more involved in Open Source, Why does it take this much time for even a small percentage of increase in number of female contributors. All this gave rise to many new ideas and thoughts by the students.

How to contribute towards Open Source @Ajay :

Ajay’s seemless contribution towards open-source development raised much more awareness amongst ambitious volunteers . ‘Learn and Implement’ was the sucess-key line behind his talks regarding the open-source .


Support Mozilla (SuMo) @Ajay :


Later ajay got an, opportunity to speak on Mozilla’s SuMo project i.e Support Mozilla. Ajay explained new Firefox enthusiasts on how can they contribute right now by being a part of SuMo project.


“Thank you Hema & Ajay team for your ineffable guidance and being there for us whenever we needed the most.”

 Finally, all day long session on Firefox came to an end. Not actually an end, it gave a new beginning to many youngsters who are associated with Mozilla or wish to join in. All Mozillians left with tons of information , some new ideas , future road maps and cherishable memories.

Background,Special Thanks to my buddies For Supporting & Encouragement !


MOTO of the Club   “Learning by Enjoying”


P Bala Subramaniyan

Proud to be an Mozillian !

Club Lead @BIES Mozilla Club

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