Moz Remote Coffee #Missile Force #SuMo !

Hai …Hello …Namaskar …Namaste ….Vanakam  #Mozillians _____/\_______

   Change We Can Believe In Mozilla, through SuMo
   Missile , is a self-propelled guided weapon system
      In the same way, SuMo is a fully loaded Mozilla Weapon in web technology for doing good…

Really, Strucked in summer vacations…..Holidays…Enjoyments…..Started feeling,  How to restart the things about Mozilla &  How to activate FSA’S & New bies!

Later, Great Mozillian’s…From Moz Camp Bengaluru……Don’t know what discussions that they did there.

A “Man in Form“,  Mr Chandan Baba ( SuMo Contributor and Mozillian)  pinged me & requested some leading FSA’s from Mozilla India Community to organize a Moz Remote Coffee!


10325708_595380183908578_3655516071162794583_n                                                                        Pic :Event Logo


With a Team Network  of,

1.Chandan Baba (FSA @Bhopal)

2.Daramala Sumanth (FSA @Hyderadab)

3.Debapriyo Bhattacharya (FSA @ Kolkata)  & 

4. I ( Bala Subramaniyan)   (FSA @Warangal)

Planned the things, how to do & what to do in 2 Days of Remote coffee.

 Made a plan sheet on Etherpad, go through the link :



                       Pic : Etherpad  of  Remote Coffee



Day : I



1. What is SuMo & How to Start doing the things in SuMo !

2. L10N &  how to Translate Docs in local language !

3. MDN force

4.Support Forum

                                         Venue :

        Click on :

      Connect : Mozilla[webirc]

       Channel Name :  #Remote


Around  6.30Pm of Day 1 ,  My Self & Chandan Baba started the discussions….In a span of less time….Started….. Overwhelming response in #IRC channel….Started questioning all the doubts…. On the other side…Delegates & Experienced Mozillians like Jayakumar, Hema Bhanu , Ajay Kumar, Raj Suthar, Hemanth …. Started clearing the doubts by providing….Live examples….necessary  links….Etc.

1925512_595538597226070_1599053632_o               Event Pic#1


Later, One by one started questions about L10N, Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), support form how to involve & how we should be responded learnt many thing !

We came acrossed many of the….things from experienced mozillians like,

1. DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATORwhile discussion regarding L10N!

2 . How to over come crash reports & How to report !

3.How to change Nicknames in IRC channel, by Jayakumar !

4. How we have to respond for a support forum !

5. Raj Suthar provided, how to create a account in L10N & what to do in a clear crystal explanation through, below link :



  Event Pic#2


As time passed away, day one came to an end around 11 PM !

Atlast, I & My team felt happy for the response on 1st day.

~~~~~~~~~~ END OF DAY 1~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                                                                        Day : 2



1. AOA-Army of Awesome

2.Tablet Contribution  Program by Sayak

3.Mozilla Projects

4.Plans about organising event by new bies problems regarding swags….etc

cfc #SuMo Force !

Program Schedule : 7Pm – 10.30Pm !

On Day 2 , Started slow but , Moved learning new things  about  AOA, Tablet Contribution…etc. On day 2, Few more delagates came into attack namely Sayak Sarkar, Raj Suthar…..Etc !


            Event Pic#3


Chandan Baba explained about AOA- Army of Awesome , With clear view by taking an, General examples in society, How to reach & how to help. How to handle the problems of  Firefox users in Social interface network like #Twitter.

10528515_595537030559560_1749350393_o      Event Pic#4

Interest started to contribute , Moz Tablet contribution by knowing the benefits &  Work on that field. Later we moved on projects discussion, How to hand the things , Moving forward with reports & results of that project. Given a clear view to initiate new bies into the project work .


                    Event Pic#5

Later, New bies started doubts how to make an events, Slots, Swags request & Many more new doubts by FSA,  our REPS cleared all the doubts !


                                                                                 Event Pic#6

Finally day 2 came to an end with full on Happy, Blessings,Wishes & More good things.  I Specially thank , Chanan Baba for making me involved, pulling my stuff into work & for doing best acomplissed with a team network awarded me with Moz Coffee badge into my account .

10325708_595380183908578_3655516071162794583_n        Pic : Badge Logo

Last but not least,  I thank MCW club memebers Hema, Meraj, Ajay, Sudheesh, Hemanth, Bhargav, Sandeep & Many More for being supportive in my wishes. Moreover, heartfully thanks to MozRaj Gautham Anna for connecting me with new things & fulfilling my help when needed !           


 Missile launched successfully !

 Mozilla Promotes Openness, Innovation, Opportunity !

-~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~

  Thanks for Viewing ! Hope, You gained alot with my stuff !

Best Regards,

P Bala Subramaniyan

Club Lead & FSA @BIES Mozilla Club


Personal Blogger :

BIES  Mozilla Blogger :

FB CLUB  Page:




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