Maker Xpress ! {Version 3.0} #MozSpace #LiveDemo #WebMaker #WebLiteracy !

After the grand ending of,

Maker Express ! (Version 2.0), Revoked the speed of Maker Xpress by Version 3.0 !


Capture          1.01.0



Hai …Hello …Namaskar …Namaste ….Vanakam  #Mozillians _____/\_______

 “Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers”

                                                                                               —— WebMaker Season-2014

Capture                                                              Set ready for event 🙂


Here Comes My Event Link :!/events/5462

Event Agenda :

Flickr Flicks –  #EventPics :


As per my Schedule, Event is started by 3PM with my club active fsa’s Sandeep,Vijay kumar & Sameera !

Capture                                                                   Getting Ready 🙂


For, the first time in  “BIES Mozilla Club“, a Womoz #FSA came forward to handle a session on webmaker. We boosted Sameera in always, by clearing the doubts. Later, she represented Webmaker tools to the students and they were extremely excited to see very easy tools to remix things and make them their own.

Capture                                                        Sameera’s Session #Awesome Blow 🙂


               Later, I(Bala Subramaniyan) started exploring the thinks about Web Maker in Mozilla on open source software and their use in current scenario. Later given explaination  how we can customize open source software for our use and what are the benefits of  Web tools like Thimble,Popcorn& X-ray Goggles.

Capture                                                           Its Mine time to deliver 🙂


 Later, My friend (Sandeep) given speech about web mission in mozilla , how it works with team network like MDN.

CaptureSandy Session 🙂

 My friend Vijay, FSA from BIES Mozilla club started giving  Speech Mozilla awareness for new bies from our college, Explained club activities .


Vj Session 🙂

I would also like to thank all the volunteers and club members for being with us all the time.Last but not least,  I thank MCW club memebers Hema, Meraj, Ajay, Sudheesh, Hemanth, Bhargav, Sandeep & Many More for being supportive in my wishes. Moreover, heartfully thanks to MozRaj Gautham Anna for connecting me with new things & fulfilling my help when needed !

See You Soon, With Web Maker Express !   (Version 4.0)
Thank you !



 Mozilla Promotes Openness, Innovation, Opportunity !

-~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~

  Thanks for Viewing ! Hope, You gained alot with my stuff !


Best Regards,

P Bala Subramaniyan

Web Maker Mentor

Club Lead & FSA @BIES Mozilla Club


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