Nightly Footrace #2

As a part of Mozilla India Nightly Campaign, as a series of events that i planned and hosted successfully. Here comes the event report of Nightly Footrace #2 held at Mozilla Community Warangal on 04 June, 2017 at Surabhi’s Food Court.

Event URL:


Brain stormed the attendees with Mozilla Nightly event agenda:

1. QA

2.Install Process


4.Bug Filling

5.Sharing on Social Platform



Its a pleasant evening we have gathered in a bakery and soon we started intro about ourselves and their interests. And then i have started my intro and addressed why we have gathered here.


Later, i have explained about the release cycles and use of Bugzilla , how to file the bug and webcompat with Nightly. They are so curious to know about these things.

Finally, we have done with the event and swag distribution is done . They are very much elated and Thanked Mozilla for being this event.

Event Album:!Ah21Ki2T0Gicj0mCQdNIiXZLVRlt

Once again thanks to Biraj for bringing out this initiative campaign in India and for the support.

Thank you all !

With MozLove,

Bala Subramaniyan

Mozilla Rep – India.


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