Mozilla L10N Meetup Kolkata #2017 #mozl10nCCU

Holla Mozillians !

The much waited Mozilla India L10N community meetup happened at Kolkata, India during 18th & 19th of November, 2017.

Event Page:

Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

                                          Before sharing my meetup experience, Let me introduce myself. I’m Bala Subramaniyan, contributing to Mozilla for past 5 years. Holding Mozilla Rep, India and Resource Reps positions. But contributing to L10N project (Tamil) around 7-8 months. This meetup helped me in capturing good knowledge towards the project and how to overcome pitfalls.

Tamil L10N Community

Tamil L10N Team ( L to R: Ammar, Bala , Makilan )

As it is a 2 days event, But event planning was laid by Jeff (L10N Driver) and team in  the month of January, 2017.

The selection was made based on the few criteria mentioned below:

  1. Recent high volume/quality translation activity (3 months)
  2. Leading/managing community l10n projects
  3. New localizers with recent, high volume/quality activity, and a unique perspective
  4. Vocal participation in communication channels
  5. Testing Pontoon and providing feedback by filing bugs

Waited… Waited…Fingers crossed… Offical invitation was rolled out on 14th September, 2017. Finally i was extremely happy and i want to thank my manager Arun Kumar (Tamil) for nominating me. Arun was unable to attend this workshop, So got a chance to fulfill his position.

Moz Stickers #Swags

Moz Stickers #Swags

yay !  Tickets Booked !!  Hotel Booked !!!  Event Day was arrived !!!!

Reached one day early to Kolkata #CityofJoy and started meeting all awesome people. Lets get into meetup and how amazing two days was passed with fellow localizes.

Met awesome L10N drivers / staff ( Jeff, Flod ,Peiying Mo) and localizes from India and Bangladesh who where been active and contributing to Mozilla L10N project.

With L10N Drivers ( L to R : Peiying, Makilan, Flod, Bala)

With L10N Drivers ( L to R : Peiying, Makilan, Flod, Bala)

Day 1  /  18-11-2017

Event started at 09:30 AM, lightning talk about Mozilla’s L10N Mission and Goals by Jeff  and introduced all Localization drivers’ roles.

Welcome Note by Jeff !

Welcome Note by Jeff !

    Our mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. An Internet that truly puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.

Normally every event in Mozilla goes with a prior planning / agenda. But, this meetup went in a unconference format. All localizes started sharing there ideas and laid the agenda based on the maximum votes backed by the discussion topics.

  1. Mission and vision
  2. Recruiting & training
  3. How to know usage stats
  4. Regular localizer appreciation
  5. Leadership transition guidelines
  6. Machine Learning + l10n
  7. Developer tools localized or not?
  8. Transvision and l10n tool performance

Each topic went around 30-40 minutes of open discussions.  We wrapped up by 5:00 PM on day 1. Altogether went for candle light dinner at Zodiac XII restaurant.

Candle Light Dinner on Day 1

Candle Light Dinner on Day 1

Day 2  /  19-11-2017

 On 2nd day, same thing happen. There was discussions and training on below listed:

  1. Testing in pontoon
  2. How to fix bug
  3. Conflict management
  4. Promotion & Marketing
  5. Pontoon API

Please find more discussion topic notes on etherpad for both the days.

L10N Marathi and Hindi Team

L10N Marathi and Hindi Team

During afternoon session, given us time to interact with the L10N drivers and with other community members about issues within the community and how to improve community engagement in terms of quality contribution.  By 04:30 PM done with the event feedback submission and the day was ended with the group photo.

Mozilla India Community (Group Photo)

Mozilla India Community (Group Photo)

It was an great hosting and hospitality by Mozilla Kolkata community and cheers to Biraj for leading the things.

With Biraj !

With Biraj !

One of most memorable incident was, The first and last mozillian that i met in this meetup was Jeff. Yes, When I arrived to the hotel, I was interacted first with Jeff at the lobby and while departing at airport, we met each other. It was great taking with him.

Myself with Jeff !

Myself with Jeff !

Event Photos:

Workshop-Day 1

Workshop-Day 2

Thanks for reading out my blogpost, Please reach out me for contributing into Mozilla and to L10N project.



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