Mozilla L10N Meetup Kolkata #2017 #mozl10nCCU

Holla Mozillians !

The much waited Mozilla India L10N community meetup happened at Kolkata, India during 18th & 19th of November, 2017.

Event Page:

Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

                                          Before sharing my meetup experience, Let me introduce myself. I’m Bala Subramaniyan, contributing to Mozilla for past 5 years. Holding Mozilla Rep, India and Resource Reps positions. But contributing to L10N project (Tamil) around 7-8 months. This meetup helped me in capturing good knowledge towards the project and how to overcome pitfalls.

Tamil L10N Community

Tamil L10N Team ( L to R: Ammar, Bala , Makilan )

As it is a 2 days event, But event planning was laid by Jeff (L10N Driver) and team in  the month of January, 2017.

The selection was made based on the few criteria mentioned below:

  1. Recent high volume/quality translation activity (3 months)
  2. Leading/managing community l10n projects
  3. New localizers with recent, high volume/quality activity, and a unique perspective
  4. Vocal participation in communication channels
  5. Testing Pontoon and providing feedback by filing bugs

Waited… Waited…Fingers crossed… Offical invitation was rolled out on 14th September, 2017. Finally i was extremely happy and i want to thank my manager Arun Kumar (Tamil) for nominating me. Arun was unable to attend this workshop, So got a chance to fulfill his position.

Moz Stickers #Swags

Moz Stickers #Swags

yay !  Tickets Booked !!  Hotel Booked !!!  Event Day was arrived !!!!

Reached one day early to Kolkata #CityofJoy and started meeting all awesome people. Lets get into meetup and how amazing two days was passed with fellow localizes.

Met awesome L10N drivers / staff ( Jeff, Flod ,Peiying Mo) and localizes from India and Bangladesh who where been active and contributing to Mozilla L10N project.

With L10N Drivers ( L to R : Peiying, Makilan, Flod, Bala)

With L10N Drivers ( L to R : Peiying, Makilan, Flod, Bala)

Day 1  /  18-11-2017

Event started at 09:30 AM, lightning talk about Mozilla’s L10N Mission and Goals by Jeff  and introduced all Localization drivers’ roles.

Welcome Note by Jeff !

Welcome Note by Jeff !

    Our mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. An Internet that truly puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.

Normally every event in Mozilla goes with a prior planning / agenda. But, this meetup went in a unconference format. All localizes started sharing there ideas and laid the agenda based on the maximum votes backed by the discussion topics.

  1. Mission and vision
  2. Recruiting & training
  3. How to know usage stats
  4. Regular localizer appreciation
  5. Leadership transition guidelines
  6. Machine Learning + l10n
  7. Developer tools localized or not?
  8. Transvision and l10n tool performance

Each topic went around 30-40 minutes of open discussions.  We wrapped up by 5:00 PM on day 1. Altogether went for candle light dinner at Zodiac XII restaurant.

Candle Light Dinner on Day 1

Candle Light Dinner on Day 1

Day 2  /  19-11-2017

 On 2nd day, same thing happen. There was discussions and training on below listed:

  1. Testing in pontoon
  2. How to fix bug
  3. Conflict management
  4. Promotion & Marketing
  5. Pontoon API

Please find more discussion topic notes on etherpad for both the days.

L10N Marathi and Hindi Team

L10N Marathi and Hindi Team

During afternoon session, given us time to interact with the L10N drivers and with other community members about issues within the community and how to improve community engagement in terms of quality contribution.  By 04:30 PM done with the event feedback submission and the day was ended with the group photo.

Mozilla India Community (Group Photo)

Mozilla India Community (Group Photo)

It was an great hosting and hospitality by Mozilla Kolkata community and cheers to Biraj for leading the things.

With Biraj !

With Biraj !

One of most memorable incident was, The first and last mozillian that i met in this meetup was Jeff. Yes, When I arrived to the hotel, I was interacted first with Jeff at the lobby and while departing at airport, we met each other. It was great taking with him.

Myself with Jeff !

Myself with Jeff !

Event Photos:

Workshop-Day 1

Workshop-Day 2

Thanks for reading out my blogpost, Please reach out me for contributing into Mozilla and to L10N project.



WebVR Studio Kaghaznagar

A workshop for tech lovers conducted in Kaghaznagar on 01st September, 2017 to have impact in areas key to Mozilla’s mission.

Event Link:


WebVR Workshop is to increase the VR promotion as well as VR development. In this event participants will learn WebVR development using A-Frame framework (one of emerging future technologies by Mozilla).


Similarly to how tradition web apps operate, WebVR can provide full-fledged experiences through web browsers, without the need to download a dedicated application or client. With support for all leading headsets, the technology is looking to play an important role in how VR content is delivered going forward.


Following the latest update for Firefox, desktop VR users can now jump into the fun. Here’s how to take advantage of WebVR content through the Firefox web browser.


As part of this program explored WebVR for building VR content on the web and developed a sample VR experience and a VR tour of my office using A-Frame (read here my experience to get started with A-Frame). I joined the A-Frame community and started contributing to the project. I was also mentioned on A-Frame’s blog various time like on this A Week of A-Frame blogpost. I also got a chance to introduce WebVR to my community.


As a  part of WebVR explained mainly on A – Frames. A big part of A-Frame is seamless responsiveness between VR headsets and even non-VR devices like desktops and smartphones. Out of the box today, A-Frame works with the Oculus Rift DK2 and smartphone VR viewers like Cardboard (Android and iOS), though further headset compatibility is an obvious part of the roadmap. The MozVR team says that A-Frame will soon take advantage of Oculus’ latest v0.8 runtime with 75Hz headtracking. You can find out how to set up your Oculus Rift to work with WebVR here, though smartphone VR viewers and non-VR rendering should work on any WebGL browser.


How to get started with WebVR via Firefox: 

Although WebVR can support all leading headsets on the market, Mozilla’s initial implementation is limited to the Windows application.

To get started with experiences, simply open Firefox and navigate to a web page hosting WebVR content. By following the steps below, VR experiences can be handed off from the traditional desktop web browser, directed to your connected head-mounted display.

  1. Install the Mozilla Firefox web browser for Windows if you’re yet to do so.
  2. Ensure your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift is connected to your PC.
  3. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Navigate to a page that displays WebVR content. Although a wide range of sources is available, we suggest visiting Mozilla VR, where the company recommends a range of first-party and third-party content. Among our top picks is A-Painter and A-Blast – two of Mozilla’s in-house experiences for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
  5. Press the designated button to enter VR. Although this varies between pages, this is often indicated by a VR headset icon or some type of indicator. After initiating the switch, VR content should now be visible on your headset.

Overall, the WebVR standard poses an interesting future for virtual reality, allowing applications to be quickly loaded onto your headset. By removing the need to purposely install programs, short VR experiences can be much more compelling, without wasting precious hard drive space. Although head tracking and some more advanced desktop-VR features can sometimes be somewhat unreliable, we can expect improvements to be rolled out in the months ahead.

Have you used Firefox in VR yet?  No, Why late ? Start now !


I would like to thank all the support from the management and volunteers from the Kaghaznagar community.

Nightly Footrace #2

As a part of Mozilla India Nightly Campaign, as a series of events that i planned and hosted successfully. Here comes the event report of Nightly Footrace #2 held at Mozilla Community Warangal on 04 June, 2017 at Surabhi’s Food Court.

Event URL:


Brain stormed the attendees with Mozilla Nightly event agenda:

1. QA

2.Install Process


4.Bug Filling

5.Sharing on Social Platform



Its a pleasant evening we have gathered in a bakery and soon we started intro about ourselves and their interests. And then i have started my intro and addressed why we have gathered here.


Later, i have explained about the release cycles and use of Bugzilla , how to file the bug and webcompat with Nightly. They are so curious to know about these things.

Finally, we have done with the event and swag distribution is done . They are very much elated and Thanked Mozilla for being this event.

Event Album:!Ah21Ki2T0Gicj0mCQdNIiXZLVRlt

Once again thanks to Biraj for bringing out this initiative campaign in India and for the support.

Thank you all !

With MozLove,

Bala Subramaniyan

Mozilla Rep – India.

Nightly Footrace #1

Initially i’m not aware of Nightly campaign that’s going to be happen in India. Later attending  MozillaIn uses Firefox Nightly – Community online meetup organized by MozBuddy Biraj on  9th Apr 2017 and realized i need to be a part of this campaign.


Campaign Logo

Planned to organize couple of events from my community. Later started thinking what to name the event and decided as “Nightly Footrace” series as a part of Mozilla India Nightly Campaign. Discussed with community members and came back with Nightly Footrace #1 held on 11th MAY 2017 at Kaghaznagar Institute of Computers, Sirpur Kaghaznagar, India.

Event URL:

It was an awesome day, overwhelmed with the attendees and there response in adopting Mozilla Nightly Browser. I just thought participants will be around 20-30, but on that actually strength was around 45+ attendees, they just made my day.


Initially given introduction on  Mozilla and Firefox Nightly browser. Later explained about the contribution fields in Nightly browser and shown live on browser. There are lot of ways to contribute and discussed about below points.

1. QA

2.Install Process


4.Bug Filling

5.Sharing on Social Platform



I just exposed major area of contributions to Nightly Browser. But sad thing was not able on hands on session. If we could make them a practice, then that could ended with a good session.


The attendees return back with awesome stuff and zeal to contribute into Mozilla.


Event Album:!Ah21Ki2T0Gicjw1CT-kmu5ZTEm20

Once again thanks to Biraj for bringing out this initiative campaign in India and for the support.

Thank you all !

With MozLove,

Bala Subramaniyan

Mozilla Rep – India.

SR Firefox Club Kick Start Meet

Hello Everyone,

I am here to share you all about the meetup held on October 25th, 2015. We had an informal meetup with mozillians of SREC Warangal. So, the mozillians wanted to inaugurate the Firefox Club i.e., SREC Firefox Club Offcially. So, they contacted me and asked to arrange a meet in which they get to know more about the Open Source, Mozilla mission , its projects and how to get involved in projects of Mozilla.So, they had many questions about the initial steps and all stuff.

Event Link :


So, I (Bala) along with Ajay and Vijay, organized this meetup so that they can know more about the mozilla, how to start a club, how the FSA Program going in in other cities, states and countries. Then the activities like Webmaker, localization, app of the month contest were discussed one by one.

Then, they asked some questions like how to organize a big event in their college, if so whom to contact for organizing an event and some few questions, which was like a queries session, me Ajay and Vijay answered to their questions and then planned about the event i.e., Inauguration of Firefox Club in their college and the sessions we are planning on that and then we winded the meetup.

And then Yay!! We had a Selfie Photo with all enthusiastic mozillians.Here it is
Waiting for Mid November’15 (TBD) to inaugurate the club in their college, and getting more contributors from SREC Firefox Club.Thanks alot for Ajay (Mozilla Rep) and Vijay (Senior FSA) for attending the event.
Thank You All !
Bala Subramaniyan
VP for Club Development Lead- FSA,
Mozilla Rep- India

MozMantra’14! #McW #MozillaIndia #MozillaClubBIES !



Virtual MozMantra’14 3-D Monument with event logo !

Hai …Hello …Namaskar …Namaste ….Vanakam  #Mozillians _____/\_______

On 14th October 2014, ”MozMantra’14“  a Regional Level Symposium event on Mozilla Mission, Projects, Firefox OS app development & Add-on building. Organized by, Mozilla Club BIES Warangal-India in assocaition with MCW & Mozilla India.  I (Bala Subramaniyan), Sandeep , Vijay & my team planned to organize, MozMantra’14 event in our campus. It is a Sucess Series of MozMantra’13 event held in 2013 by MCW. Its a pride opportunity for me & feeling happy, to organize an event being in RAL position from south India.

 A sample MozMantra’14 trailer 🙂

Actually we planned to organize it on 27th September, Due to educational holiday we have been postponed on 14th of this month & I apologizing everyone for making it delay 😦

Event Link :

Flickr Flicks :

Thanks to Sudheesh Singanamalla & Meraj Imran for being backbone of the event and helping us at right time 🙂

10665676_710083769081376_353820419742518024_nEvent Poster 🙂

As per schedule & time, Event started at 10am on 14th Oct.

Omg! 200+ attendees at registration desk, dont know how to manage & completed the registration within 40Mins.DSC_0019Registration Desk 🙂

DSC_0038MozMantra’14 Attendees 🙂

Followed by, Inaugural Function started with lighting the Lamp followed by Prayer song.


Starring cheif Guest & Invitees of the function :

  • Chairman of Balaji Group Of Institution ( Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad Reddy )
  •  Mozillans (Maniraj Thripuradhi, Sumanth, Rahman & FSA’s )
  • BIES Principal (Dr.S.Anjaneyulu)
  • BITS Principal( Dr. HariHaran)
  • HOD’s( Various Departments)
  • Event Co-ordinators( Ashish Ladda Sir )
  • Student Lead & Co-ordiantors ( Bala Subramaniyan, Sandeep & Vijay )

As usual, everyone delivered there Inspiring speech towards the club & Innovation steps in future ! Thank You Everyone ! For blessed & praising words !

Depending upon the registration slots, we have divided the sessions.

Forenoon session we opted with Intro to Mozilla, Mozilla Mission & Projects.

Afternoon session dealed with Firefox OS app development training & Add-On Building.

Talkative sessions were conducted at forenoon time :

  • Mozilla Mission
  • Mozilla Projects
  • Firefox Student Ambassador Program
  • About : club
  • How to contribute towards Open Source
  • Support Mozilla (SuMo)
  • L10n


Intro to Mozilla mission & projects 🙂


Thanks Maniraj 🙂 For your productive session on L10n with live demo !

DSC_0121Ice breaking session, By raising the questions & finding the answers from attendees, rewarding them with awesome Mozilla swags 😛


Here comes, Sumo project  by Mahaboob Rahman, Built an huge support to Mozilla from Mozmantra attendees. 

Hands-on session were conducted at Afternoon :

  • Firefox OS app Development
  • Add-on building for firefox browser

3Thanks Sumanth ! For accepting mine invitation. useful session, with many stuffs at glance to build many more apps to Firefox market place.

DSC05142Explaining & Clearing the queries with Live demo on Firefox app !


Simultaneously, Add-on building carried out in another lab, with practical sessions by our Mozilla crew !


 Its Sonu time :p


 Crew on board, Clearing the problems & explaining the things in a right way in practical session.


 Crew on board, Clearing the problems & explaining the things in a right way in practical session.



Courtesy : Enadu E-paper !

Event  covered & featured in Regional News paper in more than 4 papers, But in local language Telugu.

Few More , E-News Paper courtesy :


Loads of thanks to Organizers, Volunteers, Speakers & Crew, for helping us at peak moments.

Hope, See you soon with MozMantra’15 in next year, Stay tuned to McW !

MozMantra’15 !

I would also like to thank all the volunteers and club members for being with us all the time.Last but not least,  I thank MCW club memebers Hema, Meraj, Ajay, Sudheesh, Hemanth, Bhargav, Sandeep & Many More for being supportive in my wishes. Moreover, heartfully thanks to MozRaj Gautham Anna for connecting me with new things & fulfilling my help when needed !

Thank you !

 Mozilla Promotes Openness, Innovation, Opportunity !

-~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~

  Thanks for Viewing ! Hope, You gained alot with my stuff !

Best Regards,

P Bala Subramaniyan

Regional Ambassador Lead

Web Maker Mentor

Club Lead & FSA at BIES Mozilla Club

#Maker Xpress ! #Grand #SendOff #Makerparty #season #2014 #TheEnd !

As we all know that,

   “Every Ending Has a New Beginning


Swags on Red carpet 🙂

 A grand ending of WEBMAKER SEASON-2014 (15th July-15th September) by             


Theme of WebMaker Season #Amira Dhalla

Maker Party 2014 was a global event that spread Web Literacy to over 100,000 people around the world. Thanks for being a part season. Special thanks to organizers, Attendees, managements, Schools & more.


OMG ! 2,427 Events, Including mine 🙂

In India Engineer’s day refers to 15 September every year. This day is celebrated to respect Visvesvaraya, He is held in high regard as a pre-eminent engineer of India.


Faculty Support from our Management 🙂

On this occasion, I (Bala Subramaniyan) & My club members planned to host send off event for WebMaker Season2014. Planned the things before a day.


Suggestions Time 🙂

Flickr Flicks –  #EventPics :

Event Schedule :

a) Introduction to Mozilla
b) Mozilla’s Mission
c) Products of Mozilla

d)Introducing Webmaker tools

1.X-Ray Goggles
3.Popcorn Maker

e)App Maker

Depending upon the agenda, we divided the topics among 4 FSA’s from our CLUB-FSA !

Vijay :Taken the initiative steps of introducing to Mozilla & Mozilla’s Mission.

I (Bala Subramaniyan) : Dealed with Products of Mozilla ,SuMo & L10n.

Sandeep : chosen, as he is expert in Webmaker tools

Venkat: App Maker & Demo

Myself,Explored the major point in Mozilla ,Webmaker is Mozilla’s educational initiative. Webmaker’s goal is to “help millions of people move from using the web to making the web.” As part of Mozilla’s non-profit mission, Webmaker aims “to help the world increase their understanding of the web, take greater control of their online lives, and create a more web literate planet.”


Its me 😛

Later, session is carried out by my friend Sandeep. He reviewed the things & advantages behind web development. What kind of role,That Mozilla revolving in web operations with tools.


 Event on track 🙂

 At last my Another team mate , Vijay Kumar handle the session by showing live demo in thimble,pop corn,app maker,etc to new bies from our club.


Vj !

My friend (Venkat), explained App maker & Given live demo.


MarkerParty #Stickers 😛

Don’t Cry Because Its Over…

Smile Happened Because of Success 🙂



I would also like to thank all the volunteers and club members for being with us all the time.Last but not least,  I thank MCW club memebers Hema, Meraj, Ajay, Sudheesh, Hemanth, Bhargav, Sandeep & Many More for being supportive in my wishes. Moreover, heartfully thanks to MozRaj Gautham Anna for connecting me with new things & fulfilling my help when needed !

Thank you !

 Mozilla Promotes Openness, Innovation, Opportunity !

-~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~

  Thanks for Viewing ! Hope, You gained alot with my stuff !

Best Regards,

P Bala Subramaniyan

Web Maker Mentor

Club Lead & FSA @BIES Mozilla Club


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