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On 15th March 2014,”SAMEEKSHA a National Level Technical Symposium organized by Balaji Institute of Engineering & Sciences, Warangal-India. On that occasion, I (Bala Subramaniyan) & my team planned to organise “MOZBOOTH” in our campus…

Image                                                              Welcoming everyone in a Traditional Way !                                                                                    Incredible India ! Incredible Mozilla ! Incredible BIES !

Image                          Inagural function of sameeksha 2014 event !

At what excitement we planned….at the end…overwhelming response from our students as well as from neighbouring college students, Faced around 400+ students @booth location !

                        Image   Image

      Students enrolling names in club membership, we provided OFFLINE & ONLINE Reg. into the club….


At first, we approached the event co-ordinator Mr.B.Murali Krishna(EEE-HOD) .Later  FSA team clearly explained about booth to event co-ordinator, Within a span time officially we received Permission to keep that booth from principal & Event co-ordinator. On behalf of Mozilla team…We are always thankful to you, for giving such a evergreen opportunities.


                                                   Things behind success !

After inaguration ofSAMEEKSHA event, our principal ,HOD’S & Faculty members visited booth…inaugurated by them. With a well wisher Compliments with sweet blessings.This inauguration was seen as a start of open-minded perception among the ignites in the BIES campus !


                                                                ——- CHEER MOMENTS ——

With the suggestions of    Gauthamraj Elango (Mentor @India)

                                            Hema Bhanu (Rep @India)

                                            Ajay Kumar Jogawath  (FSA @Warangal)  &

                                               Nikhil Patel( FSA @chennai).

Planned the Agenda, What to speak at booth by welcoming new contributors….

a) Introduction to Mozilla
b) Mozilla’s Mission
c) Products of Mozilla
1. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
2. Mozilla Firefox for Mobile
3. BugZilla
4. Thunderbird
5. Firefox OS
6. Webmaker
7. Market Place


e)Introducing Webmaker tools

1.X-Ray Goggles
3.Popcorn Maker

The basic agenda is to aware students about webmaking tools by mozilla.& so that people would get a chance to work with the world’s largest open source community Mozilla.We were surprised by the Overwhelming Response from the Students and their interest for Open Source.

Depending upon the agenda, we divided the topics among 4 FSA’s from our CLUB…For dealing at booth !

Sandeep :Taken the initiative steps of introducing to Mozilla & Mozilla’s Mission.

I (Bala Subramaniyan) : Dealed with Products of Mozilla ,SuMo & L10n.

Vijay : choosen, as he is expert in Webmaker & Market Place.

Venkat: Explained Webmaker tools.


            Students finding path towards booth…. Stepping stone into mozillan world !

 We started with Firefox Student Ambassador Program and have discussed everything about the FSA Program, form the Get Started and we told them how to register and what activities you have to do as a FSA…

ImageAfter the FSA program we started discussing about the Mozilla’s Projects, we have many contributor who are contributing in different projects. I started to talk about SUMO, and told them how can you help Mozilla by SUMO, We disscussed about the ways of contributing in SUMO  and i explained how can you translate the help articles in your language and other ways of contribute in     SUMO & Localization.ImageAfter Sumo we went to the Webmaker, and discussed about the Thimble, Popcorn, and X-Ray Goggles. Also we talked about how to make an app for Firefox OS..



                     Our Faculty members also shown interest, in hearing  Mozilla Blazing Things


At last, what we planned……that I & my team ….Successfully launched the missile into brighter world….through Mozilla !

We got an experince in,

1.Prime Motive to build a community.
2.Our roles in a community.
3.How to get involved in Mozilla
4.DOs & DON’Ts


I am very happy by getting involved in Warangal Mozilla Community…Special thanks for our Rep Hema Bhanu  & Ajay Kumar Jogawath(FSA & APP Developer)….for being backbone in all aspects….


           Attendee Members at booth signed on the cheers sheet with comments…



Heartly Thanks to Staff co-Ordinator  Mr Y Shekar & Mr Ashish Ladda sir’s , in making all arrangements from management , when we required !ImageThanks to Raj Kumar from ECE Department for awesome photography !

Mozilla Promotes Openness, Innovation, Opportunity….

Proud to be an Mozillian…..Jai Hind !

Thanks for Viewing ! Hope, You gained alot with my stuff !

Best Regards,

P Bala Subramaniyan

Club Lead & FSA @BIES Mozilla Club

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Attended 1st FSA’s Maker Party !

Hai !
Sharing my Experience after attending 1st Maker Party in Warangal region and learn about the Webmaker tools like Thimble,Popcorn and Hackasaurus.

Event Link :
Reps Portal Link :
Etherpad Link :

Thanks to Warangal Mozilla club for organising such a useful party !
Hema Bhanu & Ajay Kumar Jogawath handled the sessions on ,

1) Introduction

2) Attendees intro

3)FSA Program


5)Webmaker Presentation-Overview

6)Demo1 Thimble

7)Demo2 Popcorn

8)Demo3 X-ray Goggles

9) Video Tutorials and themes

10) Time to hack

11) Best make will be given goodies

12) Kidzilla by Nikhil patel

13) Webmaker School Club

14) Queries Session

 1962682_615016655257392_372247652_n                                          1972543_615016708590720_1773170807_n

Great to see Nikhil patel...

Really good to know that there was a session on KidZilla and Webmaker School Clubs. Good to see others taking up the initiative.
Please do feel free to reach out to us if there’s anything you would need regarding KidZilla or initiating Webmaker School Clubs.
Hope you all had a wonderful Makerparty….

Finally , Created an Web Page using Thimble,
by me !

Went-out ! With alot of useful stuffs ! Ready to Share in our BIES-MOZILLA CLUB !
Thanking you !

P Bala Subramaniyan
New Born FSA & Club Lead @ BIES MOZILLA CLUB

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Grand Alliance With Mozilla @BIES !

After becoming a Mozillian it was for the first time when I got an opportunity to take such a grand launching event of Mozilla club in our campus..The Function started at around 11AM..We are thankful to our Chairman of Balaji Group of Institution, for believing in me & my team  for giving such a blasting  opportunity ever….Image


( L to R : Shekar sir, Asish sir , Anjaneyulu( BIES Principal), Hema Bhanu( Moz India Rep),Chairman Rajendra Prasad reddy , Hariharan(BITS Principal) & Ajay Kumar Jogawath (App Developer @mozilla) )

Starring cheif Guest & Invitees of the function :

  • Chairman of Balaji Group Of Institution ( Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad Reddy )
  • Warangal Mozillans (Ajay Kumar Jogawath, Hema Bhanu, Kodakandla Bhargav Gupta, Hemanth Vidyamari & Few FSA from Local colleges )
  • BIES Principal (Dr.S.Anjaneyulu)
  • BITS Principal( Dr. HariHaran)
  • HOD’s( Various Departments)
  • Event Co-ordinators( Ashish Ladda Sir & Y.Shekar Sir)
  • Student Lead & Co-ordiantors ( Bala Subramaniyan, Sandeep,Vijay & Venkat)

As usual, everyone delivered there Inspiring speech towards the club & Innovation steps in future ! Thank You Everyone ! For blessed & praising words !

Talkative sessions were conducted on following topics :

  • Mozilla Mission
  • Mozilla Projects
  • Firefox Student Ambassador Program
  • About : club
  • How to contribute towards Open Source
  • Support Mozilla (SuMo)
  • WoMoz

Firefox Student Ambassador Program @hema :


she began the most awaited session for new mozillans i.e Firefox Student Ambassador and Mozilla Reps . Many students were interested in joining Mozilla as FSA…Have given brief & Clear explaination by Hema ji !

WoMoz @hema :


Later ! Women in Mozilla! The crowd cheered when Hema told them what WoMoz stands for. It was really nice to see all the girls get really enthusiastic!She asked them many questions like why aren’t women more involved in Open Source, Why does it take this much time for even a small percentage of increase in number of female contributors. All this gave rise to many new ideas and thoughts by the students.

How to contribute towards Open Source @Ajay :

Ajay’s seemless contribution towards open-source development raised much more awareness amongst ambitious volunteers . ‘Learn and Implement’ was the sucess-key line behind his talks regarding the open-source .


Support Mozilla (SuMo) @Ajay :


Later ajay got an, opportunity to speak on Mozilla’s SuMo project i.e Support Mozilla. Ajay explained new Firefox enthusiasts on how can they contribute right now by being a part of SuMo project.


“Thank you Hema & Ajay team for your ineffable guidance and being there for us whenever we needed the most.”

 Finally, all day long session on Firefox came to an end. Not actually an end, it gave a new beginning to many youngsters who are associated with Mozilla or wish to join in. All Mozillians left with tons of information , some new ideas , future road maps and cherishable memories.

Background,Special Thanks to my buddies For Supporting & Encouragement !


MOTO of the Club   “Learning by Enjoying”


P Bala Subramaniyan

Proud to be an Mozillian !

Club Lead @BIES Mozilla Club

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First Pop Up Meet… FIREFOX CLUB #bies#bala !

On last sunday, I and my buddies were sitting and discussing on various options to initiate something enthralling. We kept on discussing on various topics and finally ended up on coming up with FIREFOX CLUB at BIES,Warangal. Last year I attended  many Mozilla Events at  JITS & NIT-Warangal.. college. Especially #hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) Event held at NIT-warangal, Organised by Warangal Reps (Hema Bhanu ,Ajay Kumar Jogawath, Sudheesh Singanamalla, Meraj Imran) they speaked well about the Mozilla scopes & they enlighted my thoughts towards contributing to Mozilla ! Later had some idea regarding establishing of club in my campus #bies,Warangal !

We decided to contact one of the ReMo Hema , Ajay & Meraj, later planned a POP UP MEET at  Asian Mall,hanamkonda, Wgl on 23rd feb 2014. We didn’t knew it was so easy…

Image(L to R : Sandeep,Vijay, Me, Ajay, Bhargav, Hemanth, Venkat & Sharan)

I called up few interested friends and we rushed to Asian Mall by 4.30pm. Ajay was already there at mall making his plans for the meet…But, apart from that meet we felt happy as well as sad, because hema had urgent work so not joined with us, we missed her & fun of her ! But Ajay & co , given enough boosting & fun , thanks for that !


Later he started giving us brief detail regarding FSA program, Firefox Goals, How to build a successful Firefox Community and amazing facts about Mozilla Community.
It was a great learning experience. We got all our doubts cleared. Also we got  a broader vision about MOZILLA and on how to set up Firefox Club.


Thank you Ajay. We will give in our best to build an active Firefox Club at BIES WARANGAL..

Special thanks to Sharan, Bhargav & Hemanth !

& heartly thanks to my buddies ( Sandeep , Vijay & venkat )…

thank you readers for viewing my blog !

have a nice day !

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